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We offer LC connectors for buyers,include LC/APC, single mode 9/125 LC/UPC duplex connector, LC/PC connector multimode 50/125 62.5/125um simplex. The LC fiber optic connectors and related LC fiber products are widely used in telecommunications and on various kinds of the fiber optic equipment. LC comes from the name Lucent Connector; the name suggests its designer. LC connector is a typical small form fiber connector, it has a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. with either a PC or APC end-face, and provides optimum insertion and return loss.

Conectores LC

LC APC Connector 3.0mm Boot

Conector LC/APC 3,0 mm boot

FO supply/offer Single mode LC/APC connector, simplex, 3.0mm...

LC/UPC Connector 0.9mm Boot

Conector LC/UPC 900um boot

Single mode LC connector, 0.9mm boot, UPC polish, IL55dB, blue...

LC Single Mode Duplex Connector

Conector monomodo dúplex LC

FO offers/supplies LC Single Mode Duplex Connector, UPC polish,...

LCLC Single Mode Connector

Conector monomodo LC

LC single mode connector, simplex, UPC polish, blue color

LC Single Mode Connector 3.0mm Boot

Conector monomodo LC 3,0 mm boot

Single Mode LC connector, duplex, UPC polish, 3.0mm boot, blue...

LC Multimode Connector 3.0mm Boot

Conector multimodo 3,0 mm boot

Wo offer/supply LC multimode connector, simplex, 3.0mm boot,...

LC Multimode Duplex Connector

Conector multimodo dúplex LC

Multimode LC connector, duplex, beige color, 3.0mm boot....

LC Multimode Connector

Conector multimodo LC

FO offers/supplies LC Multimode Connector, simplex, 3.0mm boot,...