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Fiber Optic Manufacturer from Shenzhen Factory

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Welcome to FO TECHNOLOGY, one of the most reliable manufacturers & suppliers of fiber optic and networking products from Shenzhen factory.

Where to source the ideal manufacturer for the importers, wholesalers and distributors? Choosing from us, you will achieve more than you expect from our dedicated, cost-saving and high efficiency business model.

As a professional vendor to manufacture optical fiber communication equipment and networking cable assembly products for years, we are fully confident to provide product service for the global purchasers and buyers. Our company is adhering to the "professional, honest, trustworthy" business philosophy to provide first-class products with the most attractive price and excellent services. Our knowledgeable sales, experienced technical support and well trained producing staffs are dedicated to understand your requirements to meet your flexible needs. All products from our factory are with RoHS compliant and 100% inspected under ISO 9001 Procedure before shipment. We accept small orders and also provide OEM service to our esteemed clients.

Major product categories we offer include

  • Fiber Optic Patch Cord/Cable: LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ/MU/MPO/MTP SM 9/125um or MM 50-62.5/125um jumper, breakout/fan-out patchcord, high quality jacket PVC (OFNP) and low smoke zero hazard LSZH (LSOH) level, simplex duplex or multi-core available and OEM patch cord for your options.

  • Fiber Optic Adaptor: LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ/MU/MPO/MTP adapters, single-mode /upc blue, /APC green, multimode /pc grey simplex, duplex or quad (sc) optional.  

  • Fiber Optic Pigtail: LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ SM or MM pigtail, 4/6/8/12 color coded high quality pigtail, 900um yellow (RAL 1021) or orange color, or customize color available.

  • Fiber Optic Splitter: FBT splitter, PLC splitter, 1*2,1*4,1*8,1*12,1*16,1*32 and up to 2*32, 1260-1650nm P grade equiped in Steel Tube or ABS Box for your flexible choice.

  • Fiber Optic Connector: LC/SC/ST/FC/MTRJ SX or DX in SM /APC,/UPC or MM /PC connector components for your selection, as well the FIC (Field Installable Connector) to offer.

  • Fiber Optic Attenuator: fixed type LC/SC/ST/FC attenuator, hybrid attenuator, in-line optical attenuator.

  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel: drawer type, slide type and fixed type patch panels, wall-mounted/rack mounted patch panel from 1U up to 5U also available.

  • Optical Distribution Frame/Box

  • Other Devices and Optical Fibre Accessories, etc.

Our Passive Optical Fiber Cable and Jumper,such as fiber optic patch cord / pigtail could be provided with Corning Optical Fiber (SMF),OM1 62.5/125um OM2 50/125um,OM3 50/125um and OS2 9/125um LC/SC/MPO/MTP/ST/FC/MTRJ/MU connector that usually equiped with imported alamid yarn to ensure the premium quality level; special optical fiber cables are available with 4-core,6/8/12/24/36/48/72/96/108 multi-core types. Connector termination could be such as LC/APC,LC/UPC,LC/SPC for SM and MM ferrules, and the typical insertion loss (IL) as low as 0.2dB while the return loss (RL) as high as over 35dB for MM,50db/PC,55dB/UPC, 65dB/APC. We also mass supply indoor optical cable,out-door fibre optic cable for your cable assemblies and OEM requirements.
We also supply Networking Lan cables such as cat5e patch cable, cat6 patch lead cat6e patch cord,cat7 patch cable STP UTP, patch panel, cat5e/cat6/cat6e bulk cable,flat cable7 and cable assembly manufacturing, etc.

For further information regarding our company profile or product service, kindly click here to view details.

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What FO Trusts In?

Qualified product service based on reliable quality of manufactured items is the core of long term business partnership.

FO Business Model

Dedicated:  fiber optic components, accessories and devices.

Cost-saving: factory price guaranteed.

High efficiency: immediate response, delivery within couple days.

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